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Saturday, July 28  8:30am-6:45pm
Quabbin Reservoir, Hank's Meadow

Tai Chi and Qigong Retreat

Come enjoy the beautiful Quabbin surrounding, camaraderie with your fellow practitioners, make new friends and grow in your practice.  Laoshi Karim-Ben Saunders and Full Circle Tai Chi and Qigong will host a Tai Chi & Qigong Retreat at Hank's Meadow, Quabbin Reservoir on Saturday 7/28/2018.

The event will be hosted for the entire day. Please bring water, snacks and food you would like to eat for lunch and dinner. Bathroom facilities are available. The grounds are packing in and packing out and we are not allowed to grill.

Start time: 8:30am
Location: Hank’s Meadow, Quabbin Reservoir
Close time: 6:45pm – 7pm

If interested; please contact: Laoshi Karim-Ben Saunders
Phone: 617-512-1063

Suggested donations are welcome.

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