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Karim-Ben Saunders has been studying various martial arts since the 1980s.  Starting with Tae Kwon Do, he gravitated towards Kung Fu and Tai Chi. He has dedicated himself towards studying Tai Chi and other internal martial arts such as Bagua, Xing Yi and Wuji.  He has sought masters far and wide in his search for knowledge.  In his search, he has trained abroad in Hong Kong with Master William Ng and currently training with Master Narcyz Latecki at Chinese Martial Arts, a division of Athletic Balance, as well as .


He has competed and won gold medals in Tai Chi, Tai Chi Sword, Push Hands, Wushu and XingYi at national and international tournaments.  With his experience, Karim-Ben hopes to promote his enthusiasm of internal martial arts and the development of inner clarity and harmony of body, energy and consciousness.


Karim-Ben is currently the Founder and Master Instructor at Full Circle Tai Chi and Qigong, LLC, Director at Athletic Balance, a member of the International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association and a certified International Tai Chi Judge.

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