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Wudang Tai Chi Sword Workshop


Saturday, March 3rd 12:00-3:00pm

$65 Pre-registration

$75 Day of Workshop



Wudang Tai Chi Sword combines postures from the traditional Wudang sword routine with movements from traditional Yang style Tai Chi sword form and Bagua footwork. Wudang Tai Chi Sword routine has 49 movements divided into 6 sections. The routine was compiled by Master Li Tianji and Master Li Deyin.
The Wudang is one of China’s most famous martial arts systems. Wudang originated in the Wudang Mountain region which is considered the birthplace of internal martial arts.
Please note that Wudang Tai Chi Sword contains complex movements and it is recommended that students have a foundation in martial arts for this workshop.  We will learn sword movements such as parrying, piercing, chopping and penetrating and several sword applications will be taught.

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